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Air Mist For Humidifiers 1 Litre

Air Mist For Humidifiers 1 Litre

Air Mist For Humidifiers 1 Litre

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When used with humidifiers, MEDI KURIN Air Mist is a simple and effective way to safely sanitize the air in your home, office, or other enclosed spaces.

MEDI KURIN disinfects the indoor environment with the power of Hypochlorous Acid, an active antibacterial ingredient proven effective in killing harmful pathogens and reducing bad odors. 

Invest in cleaner air today! Just pour MEDI KURIN Air Mist into your humidifier, and leave it on for at least 2 hours a day to kill 99.9% of harmful bacteria, germs, and viruses in the air.


Safe for kids

Safe for pets

Safe if inhaled






Suitable to be used in all vaporizer/ultrasonic humidifiers

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I use MEDI KURIN Air Mist with my humidifier?

Pour MEDI KURIN Air Mist into your humidifier and do not dilute with water. Switch your humidifier on for a minimum of 2 hours a day to disinfect and kill harmful airborne bacteria, germs, and viruses.

2. Which humidifier models are compatible with MEDI KURIN Air Mist?

MEDI KURIN Air Mist can be used in all vaporizer or ultrasonic humidifiers in the market. 

3. Do I need to dilute Air Mist with water?

Do not dilute with water. Pour MEDI KURIN Air Mist into your humidifier without adding any water to effectively disinfect and sanitize the indoor space.

4. Can I use essential oils with Air Mist?

Do not mix MEDI KURIN Air Mist with essential oils. If your humidifier was previously used with essential oils, it is recommended to wash and clean the tank first before pouring in MEDI KURIN Air Mist.

5. How much should I use to fill up the humidifier at one time?

Its recommended to pour just enough Air Mist for 2 hours of misting a day. Do not overfill and expose the water to the air as it will reduce the efficacy of the solution.

6. Should I keep the humidifier on throughout the whole day?

It is recommended to have a minimum of 2 hours of misting a day to disinfect an indoor space that is around 800 sq ft to 1200 sq ft in size.

7. Is it safe on food and can it be inhaled?

Yes, MEDI KURIN is safe on food and does not cause harm if its inhaled.

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