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Bubble Air Mattress (Anti-Decubitus Mattress & Pump)

Bubble Air Mattress (Anti-Decubitus Mattress & Pump)

Bubble Air Mattress (Anti-Decubitus Mattress & Pump)

Weight: 6 kg
RM 300.00 In Stock
Pressure ulcers can be prevented by removing the factors leading to their occurrence. It is not always possible to remove intrinsic factors. However, pressure, shear and friction can be reduced or eliminated by considering patient positioning and by employing the correct support system. Support surfaces on both the bed and chair need to be considered.

Pressure-reducing/relieving mattresses are used in conjunction with repositioning to reduce the risk of pressure damage occurring. Repositioning schedules need to be determined on an individual basis, but must not be excluded because a mattress has been employed.

Bubble air mattress lie on top of the base mattress and are made up of one layer of air cells. Patients who are vulnerable to pressure damage or with a Grade 1 or 2 pressure ulcer may benefit from this type of system. In the event of power loss the mattress may deflate, leaving the patient lying on a flat mattress on top of the base foam mattress.

Manufacturer: China
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