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Pulau Pinang, Malaysia.

Flinmed Medical Syringe

  • 3-part syringe available in variety sizes (1ml, 3ml, 5ml, 10ml, 20ml & 50ml)
  • Available with either Luer slip or Luer lock and/or centric or eccentric tip
  • Non-toxic and non-pyrogenic
  • EtO sterilization for each syringe
  • Barrel made from extra thick and heavy material to prevent cracking or breaking
  • Incredible ink print on barrel for easy reading
  • Transparent barrel allows for easy measurement and recognition of air bubbles
  • Smooth plunger motion along the barrel
  • Anti-reuse feature on the plunger 
  • Latex-made tight piston to seal the plunger to provide gas-tight environment

Flinmed 20ml Luer Slip Syringe

Flinmed 10ml Luer Slip Syringe

Flinmed 5ml Luer Slip Syringe

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Flinmed 20ml Luer Lock Syringe

Flinmed 10ml Luer Lock Syringe

Flinmed 5ml Luer Lock Syringe

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